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Business Systems Back-Up

One of the easiest things that a company can do to ensure their data remains uncorrupted is to perform a server back-up. With the influx in viruses, malware and ransomware, now more than ever is it critical to have an uncompromised copy of your server data.  This article can provide further insight into the necessity of a back-up

Nefarious software is not the only reason to commit to performing routine back-ups. Physical damage, or power surges can easily corrupt a drive requiring a replacement and fresh install. We can implement a back-up schedule that does not interfere with daily operations. Ensuring your data is encrypted is one extra step that Netmobile can take to prevent your information from being hacked or stolen.

Netmobile can set up redundant back-up drives on site so there is always a clean copy of your server files. We also offer off-site back up service to ensure that there is a clean copy of the server back-up. This is imperative in instances of fire or flood damage.

Where there is physical damage done to the drive, Netmobile can assist in remediating this situation by providing data recovery. Please visit our Data Recovery page for additional information.


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