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Business UPS Install and Maintenance

The introduction of a Uninterrupted Power Supply or UPS into your business is a step more businesses should be taking.  For a the same cost of lets say a workstation, a UPS can be introduced into your network.

Now why is this important?  The easy answer is it can save your data and the integrity of your server.  A UPS, at its most basic is a battery backup power system that supplies power long enough to properly shut down when a utility power fail.  It helps prevent loss of data and minimizes the stress a hard shutdown can cause on your electronic equipment.  It also acts as a surge protector which protects connected devices against power surges or abnormal voltages which shorten the life of these items. It also “cleans” the power meaning it ensures you have a regulated flow of current running to your devices.

Netmobile will analyze your network to determine your UPS needs and integrate a system which will guarantee your network remains online even during a power outage.


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