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Netmobile Communications understands that information technology is the backbone of most businesses these days. IT issues that impact your business can cost you more than just customers, it can cost you information and time. Netmobile understands these critical outages which is why we offer commercial networking solutions to businesses in Winnipeg and Manitoba at any time or any day all year long

We work with tradespeople, coders, and networking professionals to integrate your network. From initial cabling and UPS back-up services, to front end software solutions, we specialize in network setup, security, VPN and VOIP services.

A glance at what we do

  • Server set up and configuration
  • UPS installations
  • Network evaluation, and reporting
  • Network Security
  • Cloud Services
  • Email and Webhosting Services
  • Web Design
  • VPN
  • VOIP
  • Office 365 implementation
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Back up both onsite and off site
  • Remote working
  • Network Cabling



Need our services?

If you need assistance with your commercial businesses in and around Winnipeg. Contact us today.

Network Cabling & UPS installation

We work with electricians to design, install, repair, upgrade and change network cabling and UPS solutions for your business.

Server Implementation and Maintainence

We evaluate your specific needs and that the right server is designed for your company's needs. Using remote technology we maintain and perform back ups of your server to give you piece of mind.

Network Security

Preventing cyber attacks is a billion dollar industry.  We utilize the newest software available to ensure your company is protected

Network Analysis and Implementation

We look at not just your current needs but your future needs and provide an optimal network solution for your business.

VPN Services

At Netmobile we can set up your users to work from home using a secure VPN network that is monitored 24/7 and can be remotely remediated if necessary

VOIP (Voice over IP)

Using VOIP you can interconnect your entire office on a network and streamline your communications processes and reduce costs on normal telephone services.