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Network Analysis, Design, and Implementation

The backbone of any good business these days is a strong computer network.  At Netmobile Communications we listen to your needs and provide feedback on the type of network you need, including:

  • Cabling Requirements
  • Equipment Requirements
  • Software Requirements
  • Maintenance

Once the analysis has been completed we assist with the actual design of the network.  This includes network drops, the type of Internet Service Provider (ISP) you should be looking at to handle the bandwidth. The design also includes bringing in electricians.  Their purpose is to quote out work for the the network cabling.  They also ensure that there is appropriate power solutions available to run the necessary equipment.  We also work with vendors to secure the necessary equipment to get your network up and running.

Once the infrastructure has been implemented including cabling and necessary racks for equipment, we work with industry leaders to install, and test the equipment.  After the physical network has been established we work on the backend to utilize the necessary software to set up users, security, and back-ups of your server.

Our last step is to provide 24/7 maintenance on the network, be it hardware, software, or user issues we will be there to assist you.



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