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Business Cabling

At Netmobile Communications we can take care of your networking needs.  From running cabling for new computers to setting up a wireless access points we employ experts to ensure the work is done efficiently, safely and properly.


What we do

  • Phone Cabling, network/computer cabling
  • Moves, adds and changes (MACs)
  • Installation and grounding of data racks
  • Furniture wiring
  • Electrical and voice/data cabling
  • Troubleshooting and cable testing
  • Camera cabling and installs
  • WAP installs
  • Data Centers
  • Security Solutions

No cabling project requires the same kind of materials, time, or installation. At Netmobile Communications we offer cost-effective cabling solutions using licensed and bonded individuals

By 2020, 26 billion devices will be connected to the internet, according to a Forbes report. That's why we assist manufacturers, warehouses, restaurants, offices, and other commercial businesses in Manitoba.

We conduct customer cutting for specific projects, preparing multiple cables on reels to simplify installation, install cabling, and repair it.

All of us at Netmobile understand the importance of having up-to-date electrical wiring for commercial businesses. Our electricians evaluate each project, design, and install of complete networking cabling solutions, as well as add-ons, changes, and upgrades.

We test all of our installations with our Fluke DSX-5000 network cable certifier.


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