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Server Implementation and Maintenance

Server Implementation

The backbone of any network is the server and having the right technology and software combination ensures a robust network structure.

Netmobile only uses industry leading hardware backed by rock solid warranties which guarantee that if the equipment fails technicians are dispatched to remediate the problem and get your network up and running again.

Hardware is only as good as the software you are running on the server.  Netmobile utilizes numerous software installations such as:

  • Network Structure/Topology
  • Security and Anti-virus/Malware/Ransomware software
  • Remote access software
  • Backup software to ensure your network is always available.

All software we use comes with a 24/7 contract to ensure your network is always online.

Server Maintenance

Much the same way that your car requires routine maintenance, your server also requires attention.  The majority of the time software installed runs this maintenance, however part of the services we offer is manual intervention to ensure everything is running properly, these include:

  • Patches and security updates
  • Firmware updates to hardware
  • Back up
  • Defragmentation of hard drives
  • Preemptive diagnostics of entire system

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